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VA Disability Compensation Benefits Get Rated Today! Webinar

IMPORTANT:  “VetComm Does Not Charge Veterans to File Their VA Disability Claims.  EVER.”

American Legion VETERANS GET RATED Today!

Everything Veterans will need to know to file their Disability Compensation Claim Online in One Day

Advanced "Gold Services" Disability Filing Course Includes FREE Claim Filing!

Get Rated Today! And be Our Next Success Story!

GOLD SERVICES: "FREE" Claim Filing Assistance for a Year!

It's as Easy as One, Two, Three:


FASTEST-PASS™ Done-FOR-You Service
$ 97/mo $1500/One-Time Payment
12-Installment Payments of $97/mo
( 22% Discount! )
-->  One Payment of $997   <--
( 33% Discount! )
  • Includes Get Rated Yourself Courses, plus:
  • Advanced VA Disability Claim FASTEST-PASS™ Done-FOR-You Service
  • File Your VA Claim for FREE!
  • FREE Hands-On Claim Filing Assistance Start-to-Finish: WORDING MATTERS - Our VA Claim Experts help you draft and word your submission to ensure you get the fastest and most favorable Disability Compensation Rating.
  • Our Claim Experts are available to help you respond to the VA's Decisions for FREE and continue to work with you on your Disability Claim for your Service-Related Injuries that you incurred on Active Duty.

Stop Waiting in Line with 17 MILLION Other Unrated Veterans!

YES! It's True! You Can File Your PTSD Claim and KEEP YOUR FIREARMS!

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Major Jim Bottrell's PTSD Claim Interview


American Legion Special Guests and VetComm Supporters

Amercian Legion National Convention

Congressional Reps., Admirals, Generals, and Veteran Organizations Leadership

Who Support VetComm's Mission to Get Veterans the Disability Compensation Benefits They are Owed

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“I eat out too often and with inflation making everything cost more, getting another $200 in to my dining out budget was something I just couldn't pass up on. If I hadn't watched the webinar I wouldn't be 50% Rated! Do It, Get Rated, it is Money For Life!”
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I would Highly Recommend the Las Vegas Trip to all Veterans just to get away and have some fun. We deserve it and it was Worth it! VetComm let me know I could still get Disability Compensation in addition to my Retirement. VetComm takes care of you!”
- Todd T., USAF (Retired)

Why are You Still Waiting? Results are Guaranteed!*

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VETCOMM was founded as a VETERAN FIRST organization in response to disabled Veterans’ dissatisfaction with choosing between the “FREE”, but “Low and Slow Results” Rating Service provided by other veteran service organizations, and the “Profit First” companies that overcharge or defraud many veterans, yet turn away thousands of Veterans because they are considered “Unprofitable” filing an initial claim. VETCOMM does not “sell” a Veteran disability claim filing. We provide no-cost general claims information to help all Veterans do it themselves and offer Expert Guided Assistance through our Gold Services. 

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