VetComm Introduction with Founder Kate Monroe

<span style="text-shadow: 2px 3px 6px #000000;">VetComm Founder Interview with Kate Monroe | Get Rated Now!</span>

Interview with VetComm's Founder - Kate Monroe

Reaching and Rating 1 Million Veterans in a Calendar Year is truly an Audacious Mission!

Todd and Kate have a great interview where Kate tells us how she decided to develop VetComm. It’s nice to hear from the source how we all arrived here, with one singular mission, to get 1 Million Veterans Rated in a calendar year.

If you would like to get involved with VetComm, we would love to have you join us. We will link arms with as many veterans organizations and businesses who want to help us with our BIG Mission.

Review this page for ways to fit into the VetComm Strategy. We welcome you!


What is VetComm with Kate Monroe & Todd Collins

VetComm Veteran Outreach Overview Slideshow

Reaching and rating 1 Million Veterans in a calendar Year is truly an audacious mission that will require a joint forces effort to accomplish. 

To make this objective achievable, we created an Easy-to-Use Sharable Slideshow that details “What” we’re doing, “Why” we’re doing it, and “How” all of us Veterans are going to get the benefits we all deserve!

If you look in the lower right-hand corner of the “Help Us, Help Them” slideshow, you will see an “up arrow” that looks like it is coming out of a box. When you click or tap on it, it will open a “Social Sharing Popup” where you can choose the most convenient way for you to share in our get rated Mission with fellow Veterans, Families, and Friends.  

This get rated mission helps Veterans get the benefits they  deserve for pledging their lives in the protection of this nation.

VetComm Charity Partner Outreach Information

How to Become a VetComm Charity Partner

Reaching and Rating 1 Million Veterans in a Calendar Year is truly an Audacious Mission, and we want to make giving back a huge part of our mission.

We are excited to partner with your charity and bring awareness to VetComm’s mission as well as give back to your charity. Our hope is that we find charities that serve the same community. 

Our vets will make the donation to the charity of their choice this could be your charity! We recommend a video with as much content as possible. A VetComm specific interview or video will maximize your exposure.

With your partnership, you will be contributing to our  Mission of 1 Million Veterans Rated and put 1 BILLION into the economy per month. Yes per month!

Review our Partner Package below and Partner with VetComm!

VetComm Endorsement Partner Outreach Information

Reaching and Rating 1 Million Veterans in a Calendar Year is truly an Audacious Mission but with your endorsement, we can make this totally possible!

You have your own sphere of influence that can reach veterans with the “get rated now” message. All we ask is that you partner with us and bring awareness to the idea of veterans deserving their compensation.

The #1 reason there are 17 Million Unrated Vets, is because they have this idea that they don’t deserve their benefits or that it is an insurmountable effort. We have created an easy-to-use course for Veterans of all ages and tech abilities! What we need from you is a quick video message, (like those we currently have). We know you care as much about our US Veterans as we do!

What we need from you costs nothing but a few moments of your time. That’s why partnering with us, brings huge value to our vets as well as partnership with us.  It’s a Win-Win!

VETCOMM was founded as a VETERAN FIRST organization in response to disabled Veterans’ dissatisfaction with choosing between the “FREE”, but “Low and Slow Results” Rating Service provided by other veteran service organizations, and the “Profit First” companies that overcharge or defraud many veterans, yet turn away thousands of Veterans because they are considered “Unprofitable” filing an initial claim. VETCOMM does not “sell” a Veteran disability claim filing. We provide no-cost general claims information to help all Veterans do it themselves and offer Expert Guided Assistance through our Gold Services. 

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