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Watch this Life Changing Video


Veterans that Used this Calculator Joined VetComm and were Rated at an Average of 70% on Their Initial Claim.

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Disability FAST-Pass™ DIY Video Guide
$ 19
$39.99 Monthly
  • Includes these Valuable Courses and Money-Making & Money-Saving Guides:
  • Disability FAST-PASS™ Do-It-Yourself Video Guide
  • Next Steps After Filing: C&P Exams – How to present yourself during your Compensation & Pension Exams
  • Nexus Lstters & Psych Conditions – Bridging the gap in your Medical/Service Records to your Service-Related Injuries
  • Vocational Assistance Guide – Applying for Vocational & Job-Related Programs Resources available to Veterans
  • Navigating VA Medical – For quality healthcare, not a nightmare
  • Vet Home Buying – Create generational wealth with home ownership and your VA loan
  • Vet Resume Writing – For a better, higher paying job
  • Healing From PTSD/MST Inside & Out – Working through the Pain & Hurt to encourage Healing Inside & Out
  • Stress Management Guide – Everyone has stress and can use some help Managing it. Get insights and advice from someone who knows about reducing stress
  • Vet Entrepreneur/Self-Employment – Start/grow a business or work from home Stress & PTSD coping – Simple, effective taught by professionals - (Coming Soon)
  • Top 25 Hidden Sources of Government Money for Veterans – They’ll never tell you, so we do. (Coming Sooon)
  • Plus, too many others to list…


Disability FASTER-Pass™ Done-WITH-You
$ 47 $97 Monthly
  • Includes all BRONZE Benefits, plus:
  • Disability FAST-PASS™ Done-WITH-You Service
  • Live Disability Claim Filing Consult: What things you can claim, help wording it, next steps, etc.
  • Final Claim Submission Review: Review of your final draft claim before you submit online.


Disability FASTEST-Pass™ Done-FOR-You
$ 97 $147 Monthly
  • Includes all SILVER Benefits, plus:
  • Disability FASTEST-PASS™ Done-FOR-You Service
  • Hands-on Live Claim Filing Assistance Start-to-Finish: WORDING MATTERS - Our top VA claim expert will help you draft and word your submission, to help you get the fastest and most favorable disability rating and compensation decision possible.

Who and What is VetComm?

Disabled Veterans Helping Veterans Get Their Disability Compensation Benefits

Founded by Kate Monroe, a disabled Marine Corps Veteran, VetComm is staffed by Disabled Veterans and is the ONLY Organization of its kind that Helps Unrated Veterans get rated for Disabilities by the VA, and also:

This General Hereby ‘ORDERS’ You to Get Rated NOW

Who Can Apply for "Disability Compensation Benefits"

Sadly, many don’t know they are OWED this money, so they don’t request it. Others have heard of it, but feel ‘guilty’ or ‘unworthy’, so it goes unspent or wasted.

Additional Benefits, Once You are Rated

These Benefits can be Yours in as Little as 30 Days with a Minimum of Time, Effort, Hassle, or Cost to You.

What's the "Catch" or the "Risk"?

No Catch, No Risk, No Strings; and a Guarantee

Veterans don’t believe that the Claim Filing System and Process has changed and still need to ask “What’s the Catch“, but we are here to tell you, “There is NO Catch.”

You Join VetComm and Get Rated following our Processes. If you don’t get a 10%+ Initial or Increase, get your money back, Guaranteed!  Nothing to Lose and Lifetime Income to Gain! 

Disability Claim Filing Has Changed

TOP 5 VA Disability Myths

Don’t Believe These, Or Let Them Keep You From Collecting What You’re Owed

Your 3 Options...


Typically a disability compensation law firm will take a percentage of your compensation money, often $7,000-$15,000, and may intentionally delay the process because it means more money for them when it finally is awarded. This leaves YOU LESS Money. 


Indecision, hesitation, procrastination, and inaction are the #1 REGRET our veterans say they felt until they found VetComm. That’s why we have retired generals and admirals endorsing us, and encouraging YOU, to get the compensation you are OWED.


Become a member of VetComm, which helps Veterans Charities, and apply for YOUR Disability Rating in the fastest, easiest, most affordable process.


Celerity Endorsements Supporting VetComm

Join VetComm, Get Rated, and Get Your Disability Compensation Today!

Real Veterans with Real Compensation Results

VetComm's Disability FAST-Pass™ Guide is HOW These Veterans Got Rated FAST

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Get Rated for about $20/mon. to Receive $152-$3300 Disability Compensation a Month for the REST OF YOUR LIFE! STOP WAITING & START RATING TODAY!

VetComm was established by Disabled Veterans to Help All Veterans Get the Benefits They ARE Owed and we directly support Veterans Charities who help Veterans in need.

$9.99/mo FREE Courses to Apply for Disabled Veteran Benefits (Limited Time Only)

Go to College, Get a Home Loan, New Job Training, etc.
$ 0
$9.99 Monthly (Limited Time Only!)
  • FREE Courses for Veterans to apply for and receive FREE Benefits and other Income-Making & Money-Saving Guides:
  • How to Apply & Win VOC Rehab – Applying for FREE College, Vocational, and other Job-Related Programs available to Disabled Veterans. (Requires a Disability Rating)
  • Nexus Letters & Psych Conditions – Explains how to bridge the gap in your Medical/Service Records to your current Service-Related Injuries.
  • How Veterans Apply for SSDI – This Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Course is intended for Veterans wanting to know how to qualify and apply for SSDI.
  • Accelerated Entrepreneur – Insights to Start/Grow a business and/or work from home coping with Stress & PTSD – Simple, Effective, and taught by Professionals.
  • Apply for VA Medical – Many Veterans don't know they quality for VA Healthcare. Here is how to get it. (Higher Disability Rating Reduces Cost)
  • Why Buy VA Home – Understand the Benefits of Home Ownership while creating generational wealth with Your VA Home Loan.
  • Resume Writing for Veteran – A Great Resume is your first impression to a higher paying job for transitioning Veterans into gainful Civilian Employment.
  • Healing From PTSD/MST Inside & Out – Helping Veterans work through the PTSD/MST to encourage Healing Inside & Out.
  • Stress Management Guide – Everyone has stress and can use some help Managing it. Get insights and advice from someone who knows about reducing stress.
  • Top 25 Hidden Sources of Government Money for Veterans – They’ll never tell you, so we do. (Coming Sooon)
  • College Accredited and Business Courses coming soon…

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