VetComm Supports the National Center for Healthy Veterans

MISSION: Return Healthy Veterans to America

Our veterans have pledged their lives for our freedom, security, and prosperity. 

Healthy veterans are productive members of society, good employees, and positive role models, but not all of our veterans are healthy.

General Dees Says "Get Rated Now... That's an Order!

The General's All Veterans Call to Action

It was important to VetComm that we have the support of the highest-ranking officials in the US Military. 

If you are in the service, then you know that a General is our highest-ranking official.  We thought we would start there! 

Kate met with Both General Dees and General Horne on her visit to Valor Farm.

The Generals both feel that it is your duty to go and get your disability rating handled, it is the next step in your service, that many have not yet completed. 

Once a Veteran is Rated for their Service-Related Injuries, they are eligible for many other Veteran Related Services to become better adjusted for civilian life.

Do Not Hesitate, Do Not Hold Yourself Back. Accomplish Your Mission to Get Rated Now!

Kate's Visit to Valor Farm

(National Center for Healthy Veterans)

Kate with General Dees & General Horne

Kate went all the way from Her hometown of San Diego CA and flew to Virginia to go see first hand the NCHV at Valor Farm. She was absolutely blown away by the experience. She hopes that many of you will go visit one day and see for yourselves.

Valor Farm is over 300 acres of beautiful land dedicated to one purpose. That is to rehabilitate our veterans with PTSD, and send them back to their families whole again.

Kate had the pleasure of not only visiting the farm but also the Monument Terrace. There were vets gathered there from all wars and they have been doing so, every week for more than 20 years. 

Kate had an experience amazing of walking the farm, meeting the various workers and staff and participating in meals and conversation. She learned so much about the mission at the farm and was excited to get back to San Diego and begin our work at VetComm to support their mission.

Why VetComm Chose Valor Farm as our Primary Charity

Tragic Outcomes: Statistics Surrounding PTSD & Veteran Suicide


  • 20+ veterans kill themselves every day in America – 7,300 in 2017 alone (National Veteran Suicide Prevention Annual Report, 2020).

  • 344 active-duty members took their lives in 2019, the highest number since 2001 when tracking began (DoD, CY2019 Annual Suicide Report).

  • In 2019, 100 USAF Airmen have taken their lives (as of Sept. 21), a 62% increase over 2018 (Everstine, Air Force Magazine, 2019).


  • Over 37,000 veterans are homeless on any given night in 2019 (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Annual Homeless Assessment Report, 2019).

  • 80% divorce rate for combat veteran families.

  • More than 20% of vets with PTSD also have a drug or alcohol addiction (National Center for PTSD, 2019-2020).

Struggle In Silence

Many veterans have seen things none of us ever want to see and often come home to find themselves in harm’s way again fighting a new enemy. 

The VA is working hard to improve their mental health services, but more must be done.

We must eradicate the epidemic of veteran suicide.

Our country needs the National Center for Healthy Veterans (NCHV) to alleviate the behavioral and mental health challenges our veterans face.

The NCHV is a comprehensive solution that leverages private sector resources, expertise, and proven faith-based programs.

Call: (888) 317-4677

National Center for Healthy Veterans
980 Wards Rd, Altavista, VA 24517

Our mission is to help One Million Unrated Veterans Get Rated in 2022. Which will add about $1 Billion Dollars a month to the U.S. EconomyNot only will the altitude of the U.S. Economy change, but the lives of Veterans and their Families will also change forever attaining the benefits of healthcare, college, home buying, and more opportunities being added monthly.

Will You Join in Our One Million Veterans Rated Mission?

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$9.99/mo FREE Courses to Apply for Disabled Veteran Benefits (Limited Time Only)

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  • FREE Courses for Veterans to apply for and receive FREE Benefits and other Income-Making & Money-Saving Guides:
  • How to Apply & Win VOC Rehab – Applying for FREE College, Vocational, and other Job-Related Programs available to Disabled Veterans. (Requires a Disability Rating)
  • Nexus Letters & Psych Conditions – Explains how to bridge the gap in your Medical/Service Records to your current Service-Related Injuries.
  • How Veterans Apply for SSDI – This Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Course is intended for Veterans wanting to know how to qualify and apply for SSDI.
  • Accelerated Entrepreneur – Insights to Start/Grow a business and/or work from home coping with Stress & PTSD – Simple, Effective, and taught by Professionals.
  • Apply for VA Medical – Many Veterans don't know they quality for VA Healthcare. Here is how to get it. (Higher Disability Rating Reduces Cost)
  • Why Buy VA Home – Understand the Benefits of Home Ownership while creating generational wealth with Your VA Home Loan.
  • Resume Writing for Veteran – A Great Resume is your first impression to a higher paying job for transitioning Veterans into gainful Civilian Employment.
  • Healing From PTSD/MST Inside & Out – Helping Veterans work through the PTSD/MST to encourage Healing Inside & Out.
  • Stress Management Guide – Everyone has stress and can use some help Managing it. Get insights and advice from someone who knows about reducing stress.
  • Top 25 Hidden Sources of Government Money for Veterans – They’ll never tell you, so we do. (Coming Sooon)
  • College Accredited and Business Courses coming soon…

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