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Choose Your Disability Compensation Claim Filing Option and Join 3 Million Veterans Collecting up to   $3,300+/mo  Tax Free Every Month FOR LIFE


Disability FASTEST-Pass™ Done-FOR-You Service
$ 97/mo $1500/One-Time Payment
Inflation Fighter 12-Payments of $97/mo
( 22% Discount! )
>> Click Here for One Payment of $997 <<
( 33% Discount! )
  • The Gold Services Membership Includes the Disability FAST-Pass™ Do-It-Yourself Video Guide & FREE Courses, plus:
  • 12-Months of Hands-On Live Claim Filing Assistance:
    - Our VA Claim Filing Expert will help you draft and word your submission, to help you get the fastest and most favorable disability rating and compensation decision possible.
  • Gold Membership: The Disability FASTEST-Pass™ Gold Membership still includes and requires the use of the Disability Fast-Pass™ Video Guide and Workbook to gather the information needed for your claim.

    Additionally, the Gold Membership, adds our Disability Claim Filing Expert Review Service, so Your Claim will be thoroughly reviewed "BEFORE" you file it to ensure connected disability conditions are claimed and each disability condition is presented effectively.

    Filing Your "Reviewed" Claim is as Easy as:

    1. Join the Gold Membership and watch the Disability FAST-Pass™ Video Guide (1-2 hours)
  • Complete the Disability Library Workbook and prepare Your Claim but "DO NOT FILE YOUR CLAIM" until it has been Reviewed.
  • Schedule an Appointment with one of our Disability Claim Experts who will review your claim WITH you, BEFORE it is filed, to ensure it is worded for the Examiners with your i's dotted and t's crossed.
  • We File Your Claim With You Online. So You don't worry about anything, we're here with you all the way through the process.


Disability FAST-Pass™ DIY Video Guide
$ 49/mo $500/One-Time Payment
Inflation Fighter 6-Payments of $49/mo
( 41% Discount! )
>> Click Here for One Payment of $247 <<
( 51% Discount! )
  • Disability FAST-PASS™ Do-It-Yourself Video Guide: Every thing you need and need to know to file your Disability Compensation Claim Yourself. No DD-214, Medical or Service Records the VA already has them. You just need to file your claim.
  • Next Steps After Filing: C&P Exams – Proper way to present yourself during your Compensation & Pension Exams.
  • FREE Veteran Guides and Courses: All the below Guides and Courses are available for for You to apply for VA Benefits and other Income-Making and Money-Saving Guides.
  • Nexus Letters & Psych Conditions – Explains how to bridge the gap in your Medical/Service Records to your Service-Related Injuries.
  • How to Apply for SSDI – The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) Course is for Veterans wanting to qualify and apply for SSDI.
  • Vocational Assistance Guide – Applying for FREE Colledge, Vocational, and other Job-Related Programs available to Veterans.
  • Accelerated Entrepreneur – Insights to Start/Grow a business and/or work from home coping with Stress & PTSD by Professionals.
  • Apply for VA Medical – Many Veterans don't know they quality for VA Healthcare. Here is how to get it.
  • Why Buy VA Home – Understand the Benefits of Home Ownership to create generational wealth with Your VA Home Loan.
  • Resume Writing for Veterans – Create Resumes for Great First Impressions transitioning Veterans into gainful Civilian Employment.
  • Healing From PTSD/MST Inside & Out – Helping Veterans work through the PTSD/MST to encourage Healing Inside & Out.
  • Stress Management Guide – Everyone has stress. Get insights Managing it from someone who knows about reducing it.
  • Top 25 Hidden Sources of Government Money for Veterans – They’ll never tell you, so we do. (Coming Sooon)
  • College Accredited and Business Courses coming soon…

PAYS FOR ITSELF”...Remember, VetComm was created to help you collect $152 to $3500+/mo tax free compensation FOR LIFE, plus numerous other government cash payment programs. That’s why an affordable VetComm membership literally “pays for itself”.

A PRO-VETERAN NO-BRAINER”. The disabled veterans who created this for you, made it 100% FULLY Refundable if you don’t receive initial disability compensation or an increased rating of 10%, so you have zero risk, and potentially hundreds of thousands (or in some cases millions) of dollars in compensation to gain. (Choose a membership above to view our full 12-month refund policy.)

Our mission is to help One Million Unrated Veterans Get Rated in 2022. Which will add about $1 Billion Dollars a month to the U.S. EconomyNot only will the altitude of the U.S. Economy change, but the lives of Veterans and their Families will also change forever attaining the benefits of healthcare, college, home buying, and more opportunities being added monthly.

Will You Join in Our One Million Veterans Rated Mission?

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