Asia's Resume Service a Vetcomm Partner

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Asia's Resume Service for VetComm

Asia’s Resume Service is a Veteran Owned and Operated Business that is proud to call itself a Partner to VetComm. 

Our hope is to help transitioning Veterans of all Armed Forces go out and get gainful employment immediately. 

Our philosophy is simple, “Good Research, Great Resume, Grand Career!”

Don’t forget to Get Involved and Join VetComm’s Million Veterans Rated Mission!

When we all Get Involved, we can Help our Veteran Brothers & Sisters Nationally get their Disability Ratings and other Benefits that will help them, their families, and the entire National Veteran Community. Join VetComm’s Veteran Community Today!

Kate + VetComm Love Asia's Resume Service

What we love about Asia's Resume Service

Our goal at VetComm is to support our fellow Veterans. 

We want to support you in many ways: to get Veterans Rated for VA Disability Compensation, VA Healthcare, benefits to go to College ,and many other things. 

We also want to help you get visibility for your business if you are Veteran Owned.

Asia’s Resume Service is owned and operated by a fellow female Veteran. 

Her drive to support our Veteran community is second to none.

If you need a strong resume you can get her FREE Course with our other FREE Courses. 

You can also visit her online if you need a “done for you” resume.

Veterans Supporting Veterans

If you need a Strong Resume visit Asia’s Resume Course.  in the course library. Asia’s Resume Service is owned and operated by a fellow female veteran.

VetComm was founded as a VETERAN FIRST organization in response to disabled veterans complaining about having to choose between the free, but “low and slow” rating service provided by veteran service organizations, and the “profit first” companies that overcharge or defraud many veterans, yet turn away thousands of others, because they’re are considered “unprofitable.” VetComm does not “sell” a veteran disability claim filing or compensation service. We provide no-cost general claims information to all members and expert guidance to our Gold Services Members.

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