What's the Catch? There's No Catch!

Learn the Truth About Filing Your VA Disability Claim YOURSELF

TRUTH:  YOU DO NOT NEED YOUR DD-214, Medical or Service Records, or to Wait-in-Line for Months or Years with Thousands of Other Veterans to File Your claim.

  1. Veterans have been told for DECADES that they need these records to be able to file their Disability Claims, this is not true if YOU File Your Own ClaimWe Help You do this.
  2. Honorable VSO’s, VSR’s, and VA Support Groups that help Veterans file their claims need YOUR records to help you because their Guidelines Only Allow them to File what is in Your Physical Records.  We are not limited by such Guidelines and we can Claim Your Disabilities, not Only Your Documented Ones
  3. The financially gouging “No Money Upfront” Disability Claim Services who take $5k$15k of a Veterans Backpay need Your Records and COST YOU 5 to 15 TIMES MORE AND they Cannot file your Claim in One Day because they Need Your Records to File Your Claim.
  4. Getting Your Records may take Months or Years. Every Single Day YOU WAIT for them, YOU are Losing Compensation because Your Claim is not filed. Your Compensation can only start on the Day You File Your Claim.  Period. 
  5. Consider This:  Every Day You Wait on Your Records to File for say a 50% Rating is about $33 a day or almost $1k a month, which is almost $12k a year that you’ll never get back.  
    1. If have Waited for Your Records for 6 Months and it takes you 6 months to get a 50% Rating, the Total Cost to You is about  $6,000 for Waiting to File PLUS, a minimum of $5,000 of Your Back Pay!  The Math is Clear:  $11,000 is not FREE!!!

Stop Waiting in Line with 17 MILLION Other Unrated Veterans!

YES! It's True! You Can File Your PTSD Claim and KEEP YOUR FIREARMS!

Kate Monroe, CEO of VetComm

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Major Jim Bottrell's PTSD Claim Interview

Yes! You Can File Your VA Disability Compensation Claim Yourself Today!

Use Our DIY Disability FAST-Pass™ Video Guide

VetComm’s Disability FAST-Pass™ Video Guide walks you step-by-step through the Disability Library of Conditions that you can claim, how they may apply to your Service-Related Injuries. Then, using our, guides, videos, and workbooks, you will know how to file your VA Disability Compensation Benefits Claim Online.

We are Different from Other Claim Filing Services

VetComm's Disability Rating Memberships

Other Disability Rating Services

Myths About Veteran Disability Compensation BeneFits

THE TRUTH:  Veteran Disability Compensation Money is not saved and passed on to other Veterans. EVER. The Compensation Money only goes to Veterans that file a Claim. Period. If Veterans do not file their "Individual" Claim, the Money can be used for Non-Veteran Related uses like Pakistan Gender Studies ($25 Million). How do You want Your Money Spent?

THE TRUTHAll Veterans are "INDIVIDUALLY OWED" Disability Compensation for Service-Related Injuries that occurred while on Active Duty, but all Veterans "INDIVIDUALLY" Must Apply to Receive Them.  Every Month You Don't Claim Your Disability Compensation is another Financial Loss to You and Your Family. Would $152-$3k/mon. help you out?

THE TRUTH: Veterans DO NOT need Medical or Service Records to File THEIR Disability Compensation Benefits Claim.  The reason VSOs/VSRs or $6-$15k Claim Filing Programs and Lawyers NEED YOUR PAPERWORK, is they are NOT YOU. The VA Already Has Your Records. YOU don't need them to file, but YOU still need to know How to Properly File Your Claim and That's How We Help You.

THE TRUTHIt used to be very complicated with a Ton of Paperwork and many organizations want you to believe this is still the case, but our Disability FAST-Pass™ DIY Video Guide walks you step-by-step through the entire process including the Disability Library Workbooks so You Know What and How to File Your Claim in only a few hours. Yes, of course, We Will Help You.

"Get the Compensation You are Owed!" - Messages from Other Veterans

Do not wait!

Every Day of Every Month of Every Year that YOU WAIT, YOU are losing Thousands of Dollars of Compensation you are entitled to, if you have Active Duty Service-Related Injuries, because you haven't filed YOUR Disability Compensation Claim. STOP Waiting & File!


Things Changed!

Just as things changed on Active Duty, things have changed with eligibility for Disability Compensation Benefits, specifically to how to apply online without your DD-214, Medical or Service Records. We know all you need to know to file You Claim. Get Our Guide Today!

Yes, You Can Apply Today!

You Deserve it!

You served our country willing to sacrifice Your Life in its defense, yet doing so may have caused you physical or mental harm. We help you align Your Service-Related Injuries with Disability Conditions to get the Compensation Benefits You Are Owed!

Yes! You Deserve Your Benefits!

3 Steps to File Your VA Benefits Claim with Our Disability Fast-Pass™ Video Guide

Join VETCOMM's Membership

As a Member, You have access to the Disability FAST-Pass™ DIY Video Guide and can learn how to file your Disability Benefits Claim with the Videos and Step-by-Step Workbooks.


You have our Help & Support

After Subscribing to our Membership and Completing the Disability FAST-Pass™ DIY Video Guide, you have your ID.Me Login in, haven’t filed this Current Claim, have questions, or need assistance, set an Appointment for some expert help.


Use Vetcomm's Courses!

Once Your Disability Claim is filed, you will want to take the Next Steps After Filing Claim: C&P Exams to know what to expect at your Examinations. Get All Your Benefits!


Filing Your Disability Compensation Benefits Claim is the Best Thing You Can Do for Yourself and Your Family "RIGHT NOW" both Financially and Emotionally. STOP WAITING & START RATING!

General Dees's Message to You & Get Rated Course Testimonials

General Bob Dees says, "It's Your Duty to Get Rated!"

You are Owed Benefits Regardless of Beliving You Deserve them

Service-Related Injuries Rate Disability Compensation Benefits on your Discharge date.

You believing You deserve them or someone else needs them more is not how it works.

No Veteran gets another Veteran’s Disability Money, EVER.  It is a Great Gesture that many Veterans proudly proclaim, but does not result in the Money going Other Veterans who need it.

You will not get Your Disability Compensation Benefits until you file your ClaimEver.

We know you will have the very same success when you use our course to make your initial claim as well.  VetComm is truly the only fast pass way to file today!

Please take a moment to listen to what these veterans had to say in regard to taking the course, participating in the rating workshop, and getting their Claims Filed!

Will you join them and our National Veteran Community?  Our Voices Need to be Heard.

"Raised My Rating to 100%" - Maj Jason Gilbert

Christopher's Testimonial

Cameran's "0% to 80%" Testimonial

Rick's Testimonial

Major Jim Bottrell's "50% Increase" Testimonial

Andrew's Testimonial

Celebrity Video Endorsements

VetComm Celebrity Endorsement

Getting Rated Today! And be Our Next Success Story!

Veteran Success Testimonials

Our Simplified GET RATED TODAY Process:


Disability FAST-Pass™ DIY Video Guide
$ 49/mo $500/One-Time Payment
Inflation Fighter 6-Payments of $49/mo
( 41% Discount! )
>> Click Here for One Payment of $247 <<
( 51% Discount! )
  • Includes These Benefits Guides & Courses:
  • Disability FAST-PASS™ Do-It-Yourself Video Guide
  • Next Steps: C&P Exams – How to present yourself during Compensation & Pension Exams
  • Plus 9 More Disabled Veteran Benefits Courses (Listed in Memberships)


FASTEST-Pass™ Done-FOR-You Service
$ 97/mo $1500/One-Time Payment
Inflation Fighter 12-Payments of $97/mo
( 22% Discount! )
>> Click Here for One Payment of $997 <<
( 33% Discount! )
  • Includes Get Rated Yourself Courses, plus:
  • Disability FASTEST-PASS™ Done-FOR-You Service
  • Hands-On Claim Filing Assistance Start-to-Finish: WORDING MATTERS - Our VA Claim Experts help you draft and word your submission to ensure you get the fastest and most favorable Disability Compensation Rating.
  • Our Claim Experts are available throughout your 12-Month Payment Period to help respond to the VA.

Get Rated Today! And be Our Next Success Story!

GOLD SERVICES: "FREE" Claim Filing for a Year!

It's as Easy as One, Two, Three:


FASTEST-PASS™ Done-FOR-You Claim Filing
$1500 One-Time Payment of $997
-->   ( 33% Discount! )   <--
12-Installment Payments of $97
( 22% Discount! )
  • Advanced VA Disability Claim FASTEST-PASS™ Done-FOR-You Claim Filing Courses
  • FREE VA Claim Filing for for 1-Year!
  • FREE Hands-On Claim Filing Assistance Start-to-Finish: WORDING MATTERS - Our VA Claim Experts help you draft and word your submission to ensure you get the fastest and most favorable Disability Compensation Rating.
  • Our Claim Experts are available to help you respond to the VA's Decisions for FREE and continue to work with you on your Disability Claim for your Service-Related Injuries that you incurred on Active Duty.

Haven't Joined VetComm, Yet?
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Get Rated to receive up to $3300+ Disability Compensation a Month FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE! STOP WAITING & START RATING TODAY!

Our mission is to help One Million Unrated Veterans Get Rated in 2022. Which will add about $1 Billion Dollars a month to the U.S. EconomyNot only will the altitude of the U.S. Economy change, but the lives of Veterans and their Families will also change forever attaining the benefits of healthcare, college, home buying, and more opportunities being added monthly.

Will You Join in Our One Million Veterans Rated Mission?

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