VetComm is YOUR First Step to Getting the Disability Compensation You are Owed from Your Active Duty Service.

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The More Years You Wait the More MONEY YOU LOSE

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After you have had a chance to look at the Lost Compensation Estimation Calculator, you should take the Compensation Rating Quiz to see which Active Duty Service-Related Injuries you can Claim using our Get Rated NOW! Course & Step-by-Step Workbook
Take Your Disability Compensation Rating Quiz

VetComm's Disability Rating Quiz

To show our Appreciation for Taking Our Quiz, we are going to Gift You a $500 Dining Certificate on VetComm’s Dime.  Then, when You Subscribe to the Community Membership, You Get a Free* Trip to Las Vegas. 

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Myths About Veteran Disability Compensation BeneFits

TRUTHAll Veterans are "INDIVIDUALLY OWED" Disability Compensation for Service-Related Injuries that occurred while on Active Duty, but all Veterans "INDIVIDUALLY" Must Apply to Receive Them.  Every Month You Don't Claim Your Disability Compensation is another Monetary Loss to You and Your Family. Would $140-$3k/mon. help you out?

TRUTH:  Veteran Disability Compensation Money is not saved and passed on to other Veterans. EVER. The Compensation Money only goes to Veterans that file a Claim. Period. If Veterans do not file their "Individual" Claim, the Money can be used for Non-Veteran Related uses like Pakistan Gender Studies ($25 Million). How do You want Your Money Spent?

TRUTH: Veterans DO NOT need Medical or Service Records to File THEIR Disability Compensation Benefits Claim.  The reason VSOs/VSRs or $6-$15k Claim Filing Programs or Lawyers NEED YOUR PAPERWORK, is they are NOT YOU. The VA and eBenefits have Your Records Already. YOU don't need them to file, but YOU still have to file to get it.

TRUTHIt used to be very complicated with a Ton of Paperwork and many organizations want you to believe this is still the case, but Disability FAST-Pass™ DIY Video Guide walks you Step-by-Step through the entire process including the Disability Library Workbooks so You will Know What You Can Claim and How to File Your Claim in about 1 hour.  Truth.

VetComm's Marching Orders Straight From the Top

"It's Your Duty to Get Rated!" - General Bob Dees

VetComm's Kate Monroe Visited Valor Farm

General Dees and General Horne founded Valor Farm to help Veterans with PTSD.

When Kate visited Valor Farm and spoke to General Dees he said, “I order you, if I can do that still, to go get closure on your disability rating.

General Dees also said, “It’s your duty, to you, and those around you, to pursue your rating.

He continues, “you deserve it, you earned it, and do not feel bad about going after it.

The Generals both feel it is your duty as a Veteran to go and get your Veteran Disability Benefits Rating handled, it is the next step in your service, that many have not yet completed.

General Dees told us he needed help filing his Disability Compensation Claim.  So, it’s no wonder there are 17 Million Veterans with “No Rating”.

Disability Claim Filing Workshop Success Testimonials

Claim Filing Workshop was a Complete Success!

Our Veteran Disability Benefits Claim filing Workshop was a Giant Success!

All veterans that attended were able to complete the Disability Library Workbook and the Get Rated Now! Course in just a couple of hours!  

We know you will have the very same success when you use our course to make your initial claim as well. VetComm is truly the only fast pass way to file your claim today!

Please take a listen to these VetComm vets when they tell their stories of how they used VetComm successfully to file their Disability Benefits Claim with ease.

Join them and be part of the Million Veterans Rated Mission?  Get Rated Today!

"VetComm Raised My Rating 50 Points..."
-Major Jim Bottrell, USMC

In Todays Economy & Rising Inflation... Are You Sure You Don't Want to Claim Your Veteran Disability Compensation?

Are You a Female Veteran who is a Victim of Military Sexual Trama (MST)? If so, this video is important for you to watch and You know You're not alone. We Can Help.

3 Steps to File Your VA Benefits Claim with Our Disability Fast-Pass™ Video Guide

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As a Member, You have access to the Disability Fast-Pass™ DIY Video Guide and can learn how to file your Disability Benefits Claim with the Videos and Step-by-Step Workbooks.


You have our Help & Support

After Subscribing to our Membership and Completing the Get Rated Course Workbook, you have your ID.Me Login, haven’t filed THIS claim, and have questions or need assistance, set an Appointment for some expert help.


Use Vetcomm's Courses!

Once Your Disability Claim is filed, you will want to take the Next Steps After Filing Claim: C&P Exams to know what to expect at your Examinations. Get All Your Benefits!


Filing Your Disability Compensation Benefits Claim is the Best Thing You Can Do for Yourself and Your Family "RIGHT NOW" both Financially and Emotionally. STOP WAITING & START RATING!

Disability Claim Filing Assistance Courses for All Veterans


Disability FAST-Pass™ DIY Video Guide
$ 19
$39.99 Monthly
  • Includes these Valuable Courses and Money-Making & Money-Saving Guides:
  • Disability Fast-Pass™ DIY Video Guide
  • Vet Home Buying – Create generational wealth with home ownership and your VA loan
  • Vet Resume Writing – For a better, higher paying job
  • Vet Entrepreneur/Self-Employment – Start/grow a business or work from home Stress & PTSD coping – Simple, effective taught by professionals (Coming Soon!)
  • Navigating VA Medical – For quality healthcare, not a nightmare
  • Top 25 Hidden Sources of Government Money for Veterans – They’ll never tell you, so we do
  • Plus, too many others to list…


Disability FASTER-Pass™ Done-WITH-You Service
$ 47 $97 Monthly
  • Includes all BRONZE Benefits, plus:
  • Disability Faster-Pass™ Done-WITH-You Service
  • Live Disability Claim Filing Consult: What things you can claim, help wording it, next steps, etc.
  • Final Claim Submission Review: Review of your final draft claim before you submit online.


Disability FASTEST-Pass™ Done-FOR-You Service
$ 97 $147 Monthly
  • Includes all SILVER Benefits, plus:
  • Disability Fastest-Pass™ Done-FOR-You Service
  • Hands-on Live Claim Filing Assistance Start-to-Finish: WORDING MATTERS - Our top VA claim expert will help you draft and word your submission, to help you get the fastest and most favorable disability rating and compensation decision possible.

Haven't Joined VetComm, Yet?
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Get Rated for about $20/mo to Receive $140-$3000 Disability Compensation a Month for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!  STOP WAITING & START RATING!

Frequently Asked Questions

VetComm was created to help the Veterans of the US Military get the disability compensation they deserve.

Founded by a USMC Veteran, we know how hard it can be to navigate the Benefits system.

Many Veterans get partway through the process and give up. We have built you a foolproof course that walks you step by step on how to get your rating.

We figured out that paying a Law Firm all that money for your initial rating just doesn’t make sense.

They do great work, use them for your final last 10-20%.

Use VetComm if you are just getting rated for the first time or haven’t been re-evaluated in years.

VetComm is a National Veteran Community Membership of Veterans Helping Veterans and Donating to Veteran Charities to help those in need.

YES! The courses were developed over the years by helping Veterans one at a time until we landed on the perfect formula.

This course doesn’t just teach you what to do, it actually walks you through the process, click by click.

Most Veterans get above 50% on their first try using our unique system. 

See what other Veterans say about our Get Rated Courses in the Testimonial and Interview Sections that made getting rated much easier and was 100% worth it.

The Short answer is YES. However, just because “you can”, doesn’t mean that you should.  

Here’s why- The eBenefits system can be difficult to navigate, where do you click, what do you need to have prepared, what are all the possible pitfalls?

The Veterans we have already served with this course would say, “definitely do not try and go it alone”.

You deserve your highest possible rating and we know that our proven system will get you the results you need.

If you were denied compensation before, you may be thinking, “well they already told me no, so what is different now that will make it possible”?

Here’s what you need to know, many Veterans get denied every day for various reasons.

It is typically due to lack of preparation and not knowing what to say to get the result you want.  

We have helped many Veterans who were previously denied, get rated!

There are many reasons you may have been told you were not eligible.

Could be a lack of time on active duty, the type of discharge, or possibly that you didn’t get that injury in service and they couldn’t find the documentation in your file.

Things have really changed and now there is a third party for the most part that handles the rating appointments.

As a result, they tend to be more lenient when it comes to tying your disability to your service.

The course could be done in a day and your initial rating submitted, but this is the fast part.  

Maybe in the service, you heard this fun saying, “hurry up and wait”.

Well, once submitted you will wait possibly a month or two for the VA or their 3rd party practitioner to reach out to schedule your first appointment.

You will be scheduled for a visit for each disability you claimed.

Once your appointments have been done, it takes one to 3 months to get your final rating.

Also, you could get rated and re-rated a few times as your visits stack up.

They will send you mail in reference to your results, and they will back pay you the day you made your claim.

BOTTOMLINE: Every Day You Wait is Another Day You are Not Compensated. Make Your Claim, Get Rated Now!  

You need to simply subscribe to the course, we have given you a course series, a workbook to use, and a library of disabilities to figure out what you could claim.

The first step is to stop waiting and jump in. We know that we can help you “Get Rated Now”!

Celebrity Video Testimonials

VetComm Endorsement Testimonials

Our mission is to help 1 Million UnRated Veterans Get Rated at an avg. of 50% in the next 12 months. Which will add about $1 Billion Dollars a month to the U.S. EconomyNot only will the altitude of the U.S. Economy change, but the lives of Veterans and their Families will also change forever attaining the benefits of healthcare, college, and home buying opportunities.

Will You Join in Our One Million Veterans Rated Mission?

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