MISSION: One Million Veterans Rated in 2023

If You are one of the 11 Million Veterans that have not claimed their Service-Related Disability Benefits. We can Help You File Your VA Claim Today and you can start receiving up to $3,600+ a Month for Life. 

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Veteran Rating Success
$ 1 +
100% Compensation Potential per Year
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MISSION 2023: Income Added to U.S. Economy

Why Choose VetComm

  • Least Expensive Why would you pay thousands of dollars in fees or give up thousands of dollars of your back pay when you can get better and faster results for a small fraction of the cost?
  • Fastest Results: No other services is faster at making claims for veterans. VetComm has no lines, and our fat pass system helps you skip the "waiting-line-system" to get you rated in as little as 30 days.
  • Zero Hassle You do not need any records to file You Claim with VetComm and you can make the claim from home online. Our Veterans say that after using our service they had concierge level support.
  • Highest Results: We make claims in the correct order, for the right disability, and most importantly, we help you make the totality of all claims with our Gold Services. Our exam prep is the best there is.

VetComm's 4-Steps to Success

Create Your Account

Get Started with your Hassle Free experience. In less than a minute you can start taking your courses and be on your way to being rated and compensated.
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Take Your Course

Our courses are meant for every skill level, every age. They are short and easy to follow and will prepare you to file a winning claim.
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File with an Expert

Meet virtually with our claims specialist. You will have a true expert handling every aspect of your claim. Our claims agents are certified to make high gain claims.
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Get Compensated

After going to your rating exams you will be awarded your first round of initial rating or increase. You will receive your back pay and begin monthly compensation.
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Veteran Success Testimonials

"Getting Rated with VetComm was as hassle free as they claim it is.

I was rated in less than 60-days and we are already working on my next claims.

My only regret is that I did not do this sooner!”

Why We Created VetComm

Because We Heard You Say...

  • I didn't see Combat, so I Don't Deserve it...
  • Give it to Someone Who Needs is More...
  • I don't know how to file, so I haven't tried...
  • I tried a while back, got denied, and quit trying...

“After getting rated myself and helping veterans overcome the obstacles of them being rated. I realized someone had to do something BIG for the Veteran population to resolve this bottleneck process because getting compensated should be easy, and it can be; if you know what to do!

How much Compensation are You Owed?

Compensation Lost Waiting Calculator

We Have Been Busy for Our Veterans

What VetComm Has Been Doing...

  • Supporting Veteran Charities VetComm supports 3 amazing Charities when you use our Gold Services and with your ongoing support donations. Our goal is to Donate 1M to these charities in 2023.
  • Working Veteran Legislation VetComm has been in Washington, D.C. fighting for legislation for our fellow veterans to be able to use the GI bill to start a business. Imagine starting Millions of Veteran Owned Business!
  • Helping Our Heros One of Vetcomm's initiatives seeks out Heroes who have gone unrecognized and support the cause to get them acknowledgement. Most notably this year helping Royce WIlliams with his Navy Cross.
  • Helping Homeless Veterans Get Rated VetComm works with House the Heroes to make claims for homeless veterans and then find them housing. There are 60K homeless veterans and our goal is to find them all a forever home.

REady for Your Free VetComm Consult?

Who Are We Contacting Today?


Kate's DC Vist and the American Legion Who Support VetComm

Get Rated Today! And be Our Next Success Story!

GOLD SERVICES: "FREE" Claim Filing Assistance for a Year!

It's as Easy as One, Two, Three:


FASTEST-PASS™ Done-FOR-You Service
$ 97/mo $1500/One-Time Payment
12-Installment Payments of $97/mo
( 22% Discount! )
-->  One Payment of $997   <--
( 33% Discount! )
  • Includes Get Rated Yourself Courses, plus:
  • Advanced VA Disability Claim FASTEST-PASS™ Done-FOR-You Service
  • File Your VA Claim for FREE!
  • FREE Hands-On Claim Filing Assistance Start-to-Finish: WORDING & CONDITIONS "ORDER FILED" MATTER - Our VA Claim Experts help you draft, word, and order your claim submission to ensure you get the fastest and most favorable Disability Compensation Rating.
  • Our Golds Services Claim Experts are available to help you respond to the VA's Decisions for FREE and continue to work with you on your Service-Related Injuries Disability Claim for an entire Year!

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