Kate on FOX NEWS

Fox News Hosts PRAISE Kate: “So Smart!” And “Spectacular Job!”

Homeless Veteran Crisis is Getting WORSE! | Kate Monroe on KUSI News | KateforCongress.com

VETERANS are made HOMELESS for MIGRANTS!? | Real America with Dan Ball | KateforCongress.com

Kate Monroe, CEO of VETCOMM on KUSI News | House The Heroes Charity | KateforCongress.com

Kate Monroe CEO of VETCOMM on Fox News @ Night with Trace Gallagher | KateforCongress.com

“The Race to Save America” | Kate Monroe on Russ Clark Show LIVE | KateforCongress.com

Kate Monroe helped a Struggling Family have CHRISTMAS | KateforCongress.com

Kate Monroe and Tim Lawless of VETCOMM on KUSI News | Veterans Day 2023

Kate Monroe VETCOMM CEO on KUSI about Appointment of Admiral Lisa Ranchetti to lead the US Navy

Kate Monroe is the Only Veteran Running for Congress in 49th District of CA | KateForCongress.com

Kate Uncovers US Veterans Being DEPORTED To Foreign Countries After Serving Honorably

Kate Demands Commissioner Nathan Fletcher (D) RESIGN. Then He Does!

Grown Men Cry After Watching This: Kate Reunites San Diego Homeless Man With Sister 3,000 Away

Kate Finds City's Hidden Homeless “Oven” - Proposes a Marine-style Approach to Solve the Homless-demic

Kate’s Proposes INNOVATIVE Solution #1 to Sen. Ted Cruz To FIx The US Military Recruiting Crisis

Kate Proposes Tweak to GI Bill for Veteran Entrepreneurs: “New Recruits Will Flock to The Military Again”

Kate Monroe CEO of VETCOMM Interview on the Crisis in Military Recruitment and the Waning Patriotism

Kate Monroe on Fox News Lawrence Jones Cross Country | How To Fix California Homeless Crisis

Kate Monroe CEO Of VETCOMM on Military Recruiting Crisis is due to "Lack of Patriotism"

Kate Monroe on Fox News | We leave homeless individuals alone ‘for too long’ in San Diego, CA

Kate Monroe, CEO of VETCOMM | FOX News Outnumbered about Homeless in San Diego, CA

Kate Monroe on FOX | San Diego homeless woman says, "They’re spoiled with free stuff, phones"

Kate Monroe VETCOMM CER on Fox & Friends FIRST | Homeless Crisis in California Making No Progress

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Kate Monroe, CEO of VETCOMM Interview on KUSI Remembering 9/11 | 2023-09-11

Kate on KUSI | Fewer Qualified Recruits & Deporting Veterans without Promised Citizenship | 2023-07-29

Kate on KUSI | Interview about the Safe Camping Ordinance in San Diego, California | 2023-07-02

Kate on KUSI | Morning Interview Deporting Veterans without Promised Citizenship | 2023-07-29

Kate Monroe Housing First Homeless Program | House the Heroes & VetComm on KUSI | 2023-06-10

Kate on KUSI | Afternoon Interview on Memorial Day | 2023-05-29

Kate on KUSI | Morning Interview on Memorial Day | 2023-05-29

Kate on KUSI | Kate Reunites a California Homeless Man with his Sister in Georgia | 2023-05-06

Kate on KUSI | Speaking out for Veterans & PTSD Treatment Advocates | 2023-04-04

Kate on KUSI | Supporting America's Gold Star Families | 2023-03-19

Kate on KUSI | Supporting Veteran Charities | 2023-03-17

Kate on KUSI | Supporting House the Heroes - 2023-03-12

House the Heroes Charity

SAN DIEGO HAS A MAJOR PROBLEM!  Thousands of homeless disabled veterans are NOT receiving the monthly VA Disability compensation payments they are owed.

If they did, they’d have the necessary funds to afford housing, and wouldn’t be homeless!

Our Latest Gold Star Family

Help this amazing Family get back on their feet again.

This Gold Star family has endured so much tragedy in the last couple of years. They lost their son who was an active-duty service member. No parent should bury their child. 

Then another tragedy when Jarrod Hahn suffered a stroke at only 41 years of age. His family was separated, and dogs were put into foster care. 

Vanessa Hahn has been battling all this alone for months. Thankfully Kate was introduced to this family by Ray Flores of the California American Legion.

In 3 short weeks, we have helped secure housing, filed Jarrod’s new VA Claim, bought them all new furniture, and donated $5000.

We would like you to help this family fully get back on their feet.

VETCOMM US was founded as a VETERAN FIRST organization in response to disabled Veterans’ dissatisfaction with choosing between “FREE”, but “Low & Slow Rating Results” provided by other claim filing organizations, and the “Profit First” companies who may overcharge or turn away thousands because they’re considered “Unprofitable” if filing an initial claim. VETCOMM US offers an Advanced VA Disability FAST-PASS Claim Filing Course & Workbook to educate Veterans about the VA and the Claim Process. VETCOMM US also provides no-cost VA Disability Claim Filing Assistance.

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