REFERRAL MISSION: "No Disabled Unrated Veteran Left Behind."

There are 11 Million Veterans that have not claimed their Service-Related Disability Benefits. You can help them get what they are owed! So they can start receiving up to $3,600+ a Month for LIFE. 

Veteran Rating Success
1 %
100% Compensation Potential per Year
$ 1 +
The Income 1mil 50% Rated Vets Add to US Economy
$ 1 B+


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Who is the Referral Program for?

Overview of the Referral Program

Referral Payouts with our 3 tier program

Referring other Veterans to get them their Disability Benefits helps VetComm Support Veteran Charities and Organization to give to Veterans in need and can literally change the lives of these Veterans and their dependents. There are over 11 Million Veterans that we can help get the Disability Compensation they are Owed. Let VetComm Help YOU and YOU can Help VetComm and Help 11+ Million Veterans!

Tier Level Payout Each 1 Veteran5 DownLine ReferralsPayout
Tier-1$1005 of Your Referrals Buy$500
Tier-2$3025 (Your 5 x Their 5)$750
Tier-3$20125 (5 x 5 x 5)$2,500
Totals$150155 Veterans$3,750
Tier Level 12 Monthly Payouts5 DownLine Referrals12-Month Total Payout
Tier-1$10 / per month5 of Your Referrals Buy$600
Totals $120 per Referral after 12 / Mos5 Veterans$600 (at 12 Months)
Tier Level 12 Monthly Payouts5 DownLine Referrals12-Month Total Payout
Tier-1$10 / per month5 of Your Referrals Buy$600
Totals $120 per Referral after 12 / Mos5 Veterans$600 (at 12 Months)

The above tables reflect the commission payouts for 1-Veteran in each Tier and for the Example of Each Veteran getting 5-Veterans to Purchase Gold Services in each Tier to equal the Total Payout in the 4th column. Results will vary and are not guaranteed, yet there are 11+ Million Unrated Veterans to contact making this a significant opportunity for anyone who wants to Help a Lot of Veterans Get Rated.

Ready to Become an Referral Partner? 11+Million Vets Need You to Reach them!

Join Our Referral Program

How to be a Success at Referring Veterans


  • If you know any veteran share your link
  • We will help them realize they deserve it
  • We will do all the work for you once referred
  • We will speak to each referral 1 on 1
  • We will treat them with respect and kindness

"Your referrals are the life blood of our organization. Who better to share the good news about than a happy Veteran or partner who knows how well we serve the community. This program was designed as a win-win for everyone!"

Your Veteran Friends Deserve Success

"Getting Rated with VetComm was as hassle free as they claim it is.

I was rated in less than 30-days and we are already working on my next claims.

My only regret is that I did not do this sooner!”

VETCOMM was founded as a VETERAN FIRST organization in response to disabled Veterans’ dissatisfaction with choosing between the “FREE”, but “Low and Slow Results” Rating Service provided by other veteran service organizations, and the “Profit First” companies that overcharge or defraud many veterans, yet turn away thousands of Veterans because they are considered “Unprofitable” filing an initial claim. VETCOMM does not “sell” a Veteran disability claim filing. We provide no-cost general claims information to help all Veterans do it themselves and offer Expert Guided Assistance through our Gold Services. 

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