Frequently Asked Questions

General Claims Questions

  • Need to have your login info handy (if you have it)
  • If you do not already have a log in, you should choose or and make a login and password
  • Be able to log into zoom (see above tutorial if needed)
  • Your invite link for zoom is in your invite
  • Verify you are all the way verified on
  • Make your intent to file (so that no matter how long you spend doing the workbook, your back pay will have started)
  • Make notes for your claim specialist
  • Schedule your claim filing with a claims agent
  • If it is your first time making a claim you need to do the workbook and library of disabilities to make it easy for your claim
  • Be able to log into zoom
  • Have your log in handy
  • Be on your computer not your phone if possible

We will review each round of claims and make a plan of attack and begin again, we don’t give up!
If your claim has been denied, click here to schedule a claim review: 

  • We do it to stay front of mind so that when you need us we are easy to reach and to find
  • Most texts are system generated because you have not reached out or you have been in a certain stage for a while
  • We would rather talk to you too much than not talk to you at all. 
  • You get $100 per referral as long as they do the one time payment of $997


  • As often as possible you will, however at times we need to get you in on short notice you may see another staff member
  • We keep track of our notes so the next claims agent will be up sot speed
  • No starting all over, we have a system to ensure we are all on the same page

Sign in to, go to “check all claims and appeals”, and click the details of the current open claim.

The 1st tab shows the current status and where the VA is at in processing their claim

To see the conditions filed, click the 3rd tab. (there will be a list of everything filed)

To see statements or medical records uploaded, click the 2nd tab called “files” (There will be a list of everything uploaded but we can’t open or read them)

Send in a picture of the screen if you want further help deciphering what you see. does not show statements after we submit the claim, so every Claims Advisor copies the statements made into the veteran’s profile in the “Disability Workbook”. Those statements can be emailed to the veteran.

When you get a letter before you call or text us, look at the Letter Section of the FAQs, because likely what the letter means is clearly stated… Please start here first.

  • For Example:  A letter stating the VA got your Claim, is not something that you need to discuss with us, as they are just informing you that they received your Claim.

Send a picture to (Valerie) 858-758-8459 or a PDF to Va*****@ve*****.us.

The letter may be a form letter acknowledging the veteran’s claim with no action needed. 

  • The letter may have instructions and be requesting information (like a statement or a supplemental claim) which will require the veteran to get an appointment scheduled with a Claims Advisor.

Find Examples here:  


Fill it out! This is the MEP and they are very straightforward forms about your condition. Fill out the information about your period of service and check the boxes that apply to your service, job, and condition we are filing for. For the “onset” date, put the earliest date you remember starting to have an issue while in service.

If you have additional questions, contact Valerie at 858-758-8459 or Va*****@ve*****.us.

It typically takes 2-4 weeks to get scheduled, but it can take longer if the VA is backed up, so just hold tight – it’s hurry up & wait time!

Since we are waiting on the VA to send the veteran’s info to the vendors and the vendor to reach out and schedule, there really isn’t anything we can do to expedite this process but the veteran can check on the status.

If they have been emailed by one of those vendors to set up an online profile, definitely do that and there will be a number on that page you can call (since they’ll be the ones setting up the exams this is the more direct option)

They can also call the number at the bottom of (800-698-2411) and let them know you filed a claim for compensation but haven’t had your C&P exams scheduled yet, and ask for an update/when that will happen.

Be able to login to and have that login information ready to give to your claims advisor. This is the most important as not having access will require the appointment to be rescheduled. In order to facilitate the quickest appointment, the claims advisor will share their own screen while on Zoom and then either give the veteran remote control access to type their information in OR the veteran can dictate and the claims advisor can type it in.

The veteran should have an idea of what they may want to claim as well as any notes from the courses or workbook handy. The claims advisor will make suggestions during the appointment as well as advise on strategy, but this needs to be a 2-way conversation.

Records: This is not mandatory but is helpful. If the veteran has any private medical records to support the conditions we are claiming, these are very important as the VA will not have access to them unless we upload them. The VA will request the veteran’s service record, but if the veteran has a copy themselves and knows they have complaints or treatments recorded we can upload them and use that to support their claimed conditions. By uploading them ourselves, the claim will go faster because the VA won’t have to request the records and wait for them to arrive to review.

  • 4 months on average from when the claim is filed, but it very much depends on how backed up the VA and vendors are, the type of claim filed, and whether the veteran provided records or is having the VA request them.
  • C&P exams are often scheduled within 3-4 weeks, but it can take up to a couple of months to receive dates if the VA or the vendors are backed up.
  • Re ratings/Increases are typically the quickest (1-3 months total), since these conditions are already service-connected and we are just saying that the condition has gotten worse, they don’t need records.
  • New claims typically take between 3-4 months total and require the service record to be reviewed for a service connection.
  • Supplemental Claims typically take 4-6 months total (new evidence being reviewed)
  • Appeals take the longest (1+ years) and we rarely file for them.

In short, probably not. There are a few reasons the VA will expedite claims; terminal illness and homelessness for example, and that will be addressed during the claim filing. Aside from that, we can control how quickly we get the claim filed and the package we present to the VA (medical records so they don’t have to request them, etc) to ensure we’ve given them everything they need, but we cannot control how quickly they process everything.

Send a picture of the decision letter to (Valerie) 858-758-8459 or a PDF to Va*****@ve*****.us and you will get scheduled for a review and strategy meeting for your next claim round.

To add dependents (spouse or children), follow this link and fill out the corresponding paperwork.

Every claim takes a different amount of time, it varies based on when we submitted it, how complicated it was, and for the most part the VA’s own backlog or workload

We recommend showing some patience at this time as there is no rushing them, for the average claim it takes 90-120 days on average.

The silver lining is that you are stacking up backpay while we wait.

In some cases yes you will. We usually use these on re-ratings, second claims, and for instances where there is no evidence from service.

In the case of the nexus letter, these are very expensive and we would recommend a DBQ as it is easier for the VA to read and process, and more doctors, even your own can easily fill the forms.

find the correct form for the disability you have and either send the link to your provider or print it and bring it to your doctor. Scroll down the page you will see the list of DBQ forms. 

The pact act is filed no differently than a regular claim. We will file this claim and the supporting evidence as we do all other claims.

for info on Pact Act-specific claims and Pact Act eras and regions click here:

We as a best practice wait until your claims have “settled”. This means we would like to see them finalize and then go another round.

WHY? Because the VA wants to deny claims and when they see you coming for more they will start to look closer at what we submit and you will get less % on each, trust the process, we have a method that works thousands of times.

We think you should exhaust trying for true 100% as it comes with more benefits, of course, we will help you file UI if we cannot reach 100%.

VA Letters: Do you need to respond?

Send a picture to (Valerie) 858-758-8459 or a PDF to Va*****@ve*****.us.
Send a picture to (Valerie) 858-758-8459 or a PDF to Va*****@ve*****.us.

Send a picture to (Valerie) 858-758-8459 or a PDF to Va*****@ve*****.us.

VA letters requiring No Action; it is Informational Only:  This is one example of an update or acknowledgment letter that you do not have to contact VETCOMM about.

This is solely a confirmation letter. Intents and claims are filed during the same appt. If the veteran needs a separate appointment because the claim wasn’t able to be submitted, it will be in the profile notes.


If you have no additional evidence, disregard this letter.

VETCOMM US was founded as a VETERAN FIRST organization in response to disabled Veterans’ dissatisfaction with choosing between “FREE”, but “Low & Slow Rating Results” provided by other claim filing organizations, and the “Profit First” companies who may overcharge or turn away thousands because they’re considered “Unprofitable” if filing an initial claim. VETCOMM US offers an Advanced VA Disability FAST-PASS Claim Filing Course & Workbook to educate Veterans about the VA and the Claim Process. VETCOMM US also provides no-cost VA Disability Claim Filing Assistance.

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