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Kate & Todd Introduce | VetComm Advisors

When we started to create our courses system we decided to enlist the help of many top advisors. 

We have the help and advice from:

Generals, Doctors, Lawyers, VSO, Healthcare Professionals and so much more.

Our goal as always is to ensure that your course system arms you with the best most accurate information and processes.

Take a listen and a watch to the advisors helping VetComm with the 1 Million Rated Mission!

The Generals | VetComm Advisors

Interview with General Bob Dees | VetComm Advisor

It is important to us at VetComm that we have the support of the highest-ranking officials in the US Military.

If you we’re in the service, then you know a General is our highest-ranking official.  We thought we would start there! 

Kate met with both General Dees and General Horne on her visit to Valor FarmBoth Generals were excited about what we do here at VetComm and they  support our “Million Veterans Rated Mission“. 

With the support of our Generals and all the Veterans on this Mission with us, we know that We Will Reach Our Goal!

Do Not Hesitate, Do Not Hold Yourself Back. Accomplish Your Mission and Get Rated Now!

Interview with General Horne | VetComm Advisor

Interview with General Dees | VetComm Advisor

The Doctors | VetComm Advisors

<span style="text-shadow: 2px 3px 6px #000000;">The Doctors | Get Rated Now!</span>

Interview with Dr. Ole Snyder | VetComm Advisor

VetComm is so excited to have Dr. Ole Snyder as an advisor. He brings a wealth of experience as a general practice Doctor who specializes in the areas of opioid crisis as well as skin cancer.

Dr. Snyder is a gift to our veteran community and helps support our mission to reach 1 Million Veterans!

When you watch his interview with our founder, Kate you’ll have a great appreciation for our affiliation with such a great physician as Dr. Snyder!

Our goal is to provide all our VetComm Veterans with the highest level of service. A big part of your success is understanding what conditions you can claim.

Our Doctors have a huge hand in our Disability Workbook Formulation!

Interview with Kate & Dr. K | VetComm Advisor

Kate grew up with Dr. K and both served our country as US Marines in the intelligence community. Kate and Dr. K are joining forces once again in  VetComms mission to help our veterans get their rating, the compensation and benefits they deserve. 

VetComm is excited to announce that Dr. K. has joined VetComm as our health advisor.

Most veterans have some form of PTSD, MST, depression or anxiety. Dr. K. is a clinical psychologist who specializes in PTSD symptomology. 

When you decide to “Get Rated NOW!” you need all the insight you can get on how to claim your disability.  

Dr. K. was instrumental in providing VetComm the information we needed to make the disability library and workbook, match your needs.

Interview with kate & dr. nolen|VetComm Advisor

Dr. Nolen is the foremost authority on Psych related Nexus Letters.  HE is said to be the “Michael Jordan” of PTSD nexus. 

Hundreds of veterans have used his services to attain the level of disability rating they deserve. It is his feeling that veterans, if given the opportunity can get themselves rated for all psych disabilities. 

Dr. Nolen has been generous enough to share his published book with you for free. He has also given us the ability to give you the top 27 psych related nexus conditions.

We are certain that the information you will gather in the Nexus course, sponsored by Dr. Nolen will give you a strong foundation for your success.

The Veterans | VetComm Advisors

The Veterans | Get Rated Now!

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Interview with Major Jim Bottrell, USMC | VetComm Advisor

When you hear Jim speak to our VetComm spokeswoman, Whitney, you get a great insight into the mind of a combat veteran.

Jim tells us the story of how he went into the DAV to get help filing his claim. While he was in the waiting area, a young man entered and sat across from him. The young man was missing both legs and at that moment Jim felt like that guy deserved it more than he did and he walked out.

We hear this so many times from our veterans. This feeling of not deserving it. Or that if you get rated then someone else won’t be able to.

The math at the VA doesn’t work this way. There is enough room for everyone.

Bottom line… You Deserve It! Go get it, and do it now! 

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Interview with Cpl. Kris Kane, USMC | VetComm Advisor

When Kate interviewed Kris Kane, he told the story of how he was the recipient of the Purple Heart as well as the Silver Star.

You could tell it was emotional for both parties as it’s very heavy, the effects of war. Often times we aren’t aware of the lengths our service members go to.

Kris highlights some of the problems he has faced since being out of the service and illustrates what so many veterans in our community face.

We want you to know that you are not alone in the fight! You are worthy! You deserve it!

Kate and Kris review the part of Kris’s story that many veterans face, which is survivor guilt. Listen to his story and join us in the Million Rated Mission!

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CWO Tony Rosenbaum, USMC | VetComm Advisor

Tony Rosenbaum was one of the drill instructors on the TV show “Celebrity Bootcamp”. He was in the USMC until he retired.

This message from Tony came as a response to our founder, Kate, helping Tony’s life long buddy do his rating.

Tony has some great words of wisdom for veterans of all ages and all branches of the military. He says, don’t wait to get rated, don’t wait to get healthcare, bottom line… time is not your friend.”

When you think about whether or not you think you should pursue getting your rating for disability handled, Tony would say, “you deserve it, stop waiting!”

The VSO/VSR Advisor to VetComm

VSR Adolfo from VANC for VEtComm

Veterans Association of North County | VEtComm Charity

We are so excited to have an expert VSR, his name is Adolfo. He works with opening claims for veterans for Secondary Ratings

On our recent visit to VANC to speak to Lori Boody, we were able to show our VetComm “Get Rated Now” course to Adolfo. 

He was amazed by the course and agrees that it is very well built, easy to use, and will help us reach 1 Million Unrated Veterans

Listen to what he has to say on the matter and decide for yourself if you think VetComm is the right fit!

The only way we can reach 1 Million unrated veterans in a year is if we empower them to use our course to file claims on their own and then seek assistance from a local VSR.

Adolfo our VSR (VSO) advisor says, “VetComm should be your first stop on your journey to getting rated.  Having your initial claim filed helps VSRs help you individually much faster!

Get Rated Now!  Do not wait, time is not your friend. Let VetComm Get You Rated Today!

Celebrity Endorsements

Why are You Still Waiting? Results are Guaranteed!*

VETCOMM was founded as a VETERAN FIRST organization in response to disabled Veterans’ dissatisfaction with choosing between the “FREE”, but “Low and Slow Results” Rating Service provided by other veteran service organizations, and the “Profit First” companies that overcharge or defraud many veterans, yet turn away thousands of Veterans because they are considered “Unprofitable” filing an initial claim. VETCOMM does not “sell” a Veteran disability claim filing. We provide no-cost general claims information to help all Veterans do it themselves and offer Expert Guided Assistance through our Gold Services. 

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